Kyl, eh?

Here's the thing the press may be getting wrong:

"Kyl could serve in McCain’s seat until 2020."

In fact, Jon Kyl is the appointed replacement until "the next general election."

If the governor had waited until November 7th, that would be in 2020. Now, it's 2018.


In the wake of the 25th school shooting since Columbine nearly 20 years ago, as a candidate for the House of Representatives, I have been asked to clarify my stance on "gun control" legislation in America.

This is not new. There is an ongoing slide toward the notion that anyone…

Indian Sikh "Nikki" Nimrata Randhawa Haley turns over Trump’s values

Current UN ambassador and daughter of fringe immigrant Muslim "Sikh" parents, Nikki "Nimrata" Haley nee Randhawa, says Trump’s accusers should have their day in the limelight.

This is just what upstanding Christian voters have been on guard against. "Nikki' Haley. "Barry" Obama. Who are these people?

What is this Indian Sikh woman from a non-Christian family doing representing the United States at the table of an international organization which is trying to undermine our Great America.

Trump dropped the ball on this one.

Was Nimrata even born here? A birth certificate would be a good start.

A woman? A Sikh? An Indian? Nimrata Randhawa must leave the UN. And she should go now.


Tax bill under threat by foriegners.

After an explosion in New York sparked concern that the US government is not spending enough to stop terrorist activity within the United States, criticism quickly arose from both sides of the aisle.

Republicans, after a brief pause for hope and prayers, clamoured for limits on immigration and strict visa…

Big Brother, in Stockings Now

(Image via Apple’s “1984" ad*)

Voice activated devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home series are a rising trend. As are home security cameras, and TVs and lighbulbs with cameras and speakers.

On December 25th, hundreds of thousands of voice and camera enabled gadgets will wake up on Christmas…

Long time critic of advertiser boycotts Sean Hannity has suddenly reversed course and gone on a twitter dump spree for #stopthescalping.

Apparently, Mr. Hannity is about to get kneecapped by his advertisers and wants to take someone down with him. He’s twitted his face off in support of Brian Maloney…

This isn’t 45’s Watergate.

Two words make the recent firing of the FBI director completely different from Watergate: "cable news."

During Watergate, Americans mainly got their dose of news from one of three broadcast networks, once a day, on the evening news. Broadcast journalism had standards for political news coverage…

Have you heard? Only 45 himself or his Attourney General can appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate PutinGate?

That this has been the case since 1999 when Congress let the Independent Council Statute expire?

That statute allowed Congress to request the Attorney General (or as Sessions has reqused himself) the…

Kevin Oakes

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